September 15, 2019


What is ExpertCommissions?
ExpertCommissions specializes in cellular commission statement reconciliation. We make it our job to find, identify and track money owed to cellular dealers for Service Contracts that you have sold and the plans you have activated on behalf of the Carriers. We analyze your commission statements and other related sales statements and determine if you have collected all revenue that is due to you. We also review these commission statements and other statements to determine if you are owed any refunds for overcharges. We confirm that you were paid the appropriate commissions based on the proper payment plans, promotions and agreements in affect at the time of the sales. We also recommend ways you can verify the payment from any potentially uncollected revenue sources.

How much will ExpertCommissions services cost?

We offer several different pricing options depending on what suits your business best. Most of our plans have a reasonable fixed monthly fee combined with a contingency / revenue share component. In other words, we share in the savings, refunds and commission payments that we find for you. We are incentivized to find your money. The more we find, the more we all make.

Will ExpertCommissions interfere with my business?

No. Our work is done from our offices. There should be little or no interruptions to your business or staff.

What does ExpertCommissions need from me?

What we need is your organization’s commission statements and corresponding sales information in an electronic format. We will also need copies of your disputes and your promotional logs from each of the carriers. We keep you informed of our progress and alert you when we find errors or opportunities for collection.

Why do I need to reconcile commission statements?

The Carriers make mistakes just like everyone else. The commission statements are organized in a complex manner and it is not easy to find mistakes. Since it is tough to find those mistakes, it is very possible you might not find missing activation commissions and other payments that you are due.

If you do not find these mistakes and you do dispute these mistakes, then the Carriers will not pay you for these sales that you have made. These same complex commission statements can also make it more difficult for you to identify and dispute charge-back errors of all kinds, including multiple chargebacks for a single activation, chargebacks where you were never paid for the activation and chargebacks where you were charged-back more than the original commission paid to you.

In fact, commission statement errors occur all-too-frequently. The real problem is making the time to find all-of-them, understanding them and understanding how to dispute them. It simply takes too much work to do the job the right way. The burden for identifying and disputing these carrier errors is placed squarely on your shoulders if you wish to keep the record straight and get paid for all the sales that you and your staff have made.

Why does my company need ExpertCommissions?

We have invested significant resources to develop proprietary software, business methodologies and business processes to decode and decipher the commission statements, to standardize both your sales data as well as the carrier data. We also have more that a decade of experience in handling these types of disputes with the Carriers. We do the work in order that you and your staff simply do not have to spend the time, effort and aggravation needed to analyze and scrutinize your monthly commission statements with the same level of intensity that we do looking for underpayments, overcharges, errors and mistakes. ExpertCommissions is a team of trained specialists who make it our business to “find”, identify and track commissions, sales and other revenues owed to your company or organization.

My point of sale system reconciles my commissions, why do I need you?

Today’s point-of-sale systems are quite advanced, and continue to evolve into powerful solutions for running your wireless business. Many of the leading POS systems also include commissions reconciliation functions. But most of these are incomplete and cannot perform a FULL reconciliation. For that you need ExpertCommissions. We track commission payments, chargebacks and disputes in a more dynamic manner. We all know that customers change phone numbers, rate plans, ESN’s, SIMs and more…but your POS system is not designed to recognize and account for that. At ExpertCommissions, we complete a FULL reconciliation that fills in the gaps left by point-of-sale reconciliations.

Is there a minimum volume commitment?

Our services are optimal for cellular dealers and independent wireless agents doing 700 or more activations per month (post-paid and upgrades combined). That being said dealers of all sizes SHOULD reconcile. We also require a one-year agreement…its good for you and good for us. With the dispute and review process time frames, it typically takes several months to gain ground and realize the ROI.

Is my data secure?

Absolutely. ExpertCommissions takes data security and confidentiality VERY seriously. All of our data, software, systems and servers are protected by the highest levels of data encryption and security. Our staff are all bound by confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, so you can rest assured.

What’s the catch?

There is no catch. We know the business. We will work hard to find your money. We charge reasonable fees to cover our costs and we share in the recovery. There’s no magic…just diligence, hard work, experience and brain power.