August 17, 2019

How It Works

We guide you through the process

Once you’ve decided to work with us we guide you through the process.

To start, we need your data:

  • Point of sale data
  • Carrier commission statements
  • Carrier contract / payment schedule
  • Existing Disputes (if any)

Then we get to work. Our analysts will crunch your data, ask you some questions, and produce a set of reports. During this process we work to identify unpaid activations (including new activations, upgrades, feature commissions and other payments due) as well as an analysis of chargebacks looking for errors and omissions.

We then deliver to you a set of reports:

  • A Reconciled Commission Statement (showing our findings)
  • A corresponding Dispute File (in the form required by your carrier)

You then present your disputes to your carrier through the normal process.

Each month the process is repeated, and as dispute responses are received, you send us the response, and we add to our tracking system.

All along the way we will advise on recommended changes to your point of sale system as well as any other observations and our suggestions to improve the process.