August 17, 2019

Opening a cellular or wireless retail store? Consider these three valuable tips…

Hundreds of people open cell phone stores around the U.S. every month. If you are opening one for the first time, be sure to avoid some common mistakes. While this is by no means a complete list of everything you need to think about, these 3 tips will certainly help! Read more on 3 tips for opening a cellular or wireless retail store →

The hidden costs of a cellular chargeback

It’s a dirty word…chargebacks, but as they say it comes with the territory. For cellular dealers, especially those new to the business, chargebacks can cause huge surprises and problems for their business. Giveth, then taketh away. That’s what happens. So your wireless sales representative activates a customer on a new wireless plan. The customer buys the fancy new phone with all the bells and whistles. The customer is happy, the sales rep is happy, and you are happy. But…3 months later the customer doesn’t pay their bill and gets shut off. Ding, ding! Cha ching. Read more on the hidden costs of a cellular chargeback →

What your point of sale doesn’t and can’t do

Many of the leading point of sale systems for wireless dealers and cellular agents have commissions reconciliation modules and claim to handle it all for you. But there are several important things that these systems do not do. Think of it this way, your point of sale system is really like a cash register (ok, maybe that’s unfairly oversimplifying things, but you get the point). Today’s point of sales systems for the cellular industry are very powerful. But they are basically collecting static data. Read more on what your point of sale doesn’t and can’t do →

Our job is to find you money!

The cellular dealer business is a very simple but very complicated business. Right? Seems easy…you sell the phones, activate the rate plan and your wireless carrier sends you a check every month. Simple. But as industry insiders know, it’s just not that simple. Since the industry began dealers and agents struggle every month with their commissions payments almost always being lower than expected.

There are so many issues to deal with. Read more on how our job is to find you more money →