August 17, 2019

What We Do

Commission reconciliation for cellular dealers

Our job is to find your money. There are dozens of ways that cellular dealers lose money every month. Through our years of industry experience and proven methods, we can help cellular dealers and wireless agents from 5 stores to 100 plus locations. If you activate 700 or more plans a month (post-paid and upgrades combined), then we should talk.

We can handle commission reconciliation for all major carriers including Sprint, AT&T Wireless, T-Mobile, Verizon, US Cellular as well as regional carriers and other subscription service providers such as satellite TV, WiMax internet and others.

Our services help identify issues in all areas including:

  • Missing and unpaid commissions
  • Feature commission discrepancies
  • Chargeback disputes
  • Identification of invalid chargebacks
  • Advertising coop payments
  • Volume Incentive Rebates
  • Residual reconciliation

In its simplest form, we take your point of sale data and your monthly carrier commission statements and figure out what is missing. We crunch the data, and prepare the disputes in accordance with the wireless carrier dispute process requirements.

But our expertise lies much deeper than that. There are many complex issues associated with commission reconciliation. Everything from understanding the systems, tracking disputes and spotting hidden trends.

Hire us as your outsourced commission reconciliation department and we’ll deliver money to your bottom line, guaranteed. You’ll save time, recover more money and sleep better!