August 17, 2019

Why Us

We’ve Been in Your Shoes

The team at ExpertCommissions has been in the wireless business for years. We’ve found millions of dollars in unpaid commissions over the years. We understand the ins and outs, the challenges, the cycles and the pain.

Point of Sale Experience

We work with just about every point of sale system in the business. IQ Metrix, Teletracker, Cellular Manager, B2B, MMS, Quickbooks, WirelessStandard and more. Once we spend some time getting familiar with your data, we can help you improve your best practices to improve data integrity, suggest better ways of tracking and help streamline your business.

Proprietary Software and Techniques

We have invested significant resources to develop proprietary software, business methodologies and business processes to decode and decipher the commission statement and to standardize both your sales data as well as the carrier data. You benefit from our experience.

A pulse on the Wireless Industry

We see the trends, know the lastest info and can help you find money you are owed. Our experience across multiple clients benefits them all. (Don’t worry…we don’t share confidential information).

We Are Easy to Do Business With

Honestly, we are just a bunch of really smart guys and girls! We are easy to get along with. We know the wireless business, and we’re here to help others in the business be more successful. We’re not a big scary accounting firm. We’re real people who know what we’re doing!